DMMM in summary

I say Marketing is a super exciting, (though can be complex) paranoia.

Don’t get me wrong, it still have its simplest of form, but two things still remain

1) its fundamental for any business growth and

2) The way we do it is ever…

Don’t Be every other Marketer on the Street.

Yes, with ease, we can learn almost everything online, for free, and whilst YouTube has fast become the new classroom, for effectiveness in learning marketing I would like to propose what I call “structured learning”, this fast answers the grandeur question of…

Ok, its drawing nearer and nearer, but how are businesses taking advantage of the season to foster better customer relationships and build a stronger brand for the coming year.

I still strongly want to re-iterate that though its Holiday season, business as we know it is still in session (Permit…

The just concluded DevFest ABA 2017, was a phenomenal event which held on the 10th of November 2017, at the Eldorado event center, Aba, Abia State and gathered over 1000 techies, developers and tech enthusiasts of which I was proud to be a part of. DevFest SE ABA, had alot…

I previously made a simple post on three reasons I believe Lagos has a massive Eco-system for business and tech and I think there are things to emulate from the perspective of the layman and even things we all can contribute. …


So currently I am currently in Port Harcourt, and I have been severely bugged by this argument, and also have been actively involved in trying to come up with logical reasons and possible solutions for other cities.
So I would try to keep…

chima nweke

Preacher, DM Specialist, Programmer, Techie, Nigerian, I love Eba like cray, Love Doctor, Engineer, Your Friend, King in this East, SuperMan, whatelse.. :)

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